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Waking up for the first time in one of the Guest Houses Hermanus, is like waking up in heaven. So many tourists attest to this. The sea is tranquil and the sun is soft and gentle on your skin. The food gives you gastronomical delights no matter where you eat, and the whales are signing their songs in the distant. What better picture than this, to cherish for 17

If you are lucky enough to be there when the whales arrive to give birth to their calves, then you are in for a treat. They celebrate by breaching and frolicking in the water, much to an onlooker’s delight. Listen to the whale watcher blow his horn as he spots them close to shore and rush to make eye contact if you dare.

No matter what your needs are in the accommodation area, you will find it in Hermanus. She offers luxury five star guest house facilities where your every whim is looked after. Your body massages and special diets will be at your beck and call, while you sample some of the freshest fish cooked to perfection.

But maybe you don’t need such opulence and will settle for a normal guest house which offers style and comfort without compromising on service. These are also available in abundance and you will no doubt quickly feel at home. Hear the stories that made the town so famous, or get good tips on which beach to tan on or what car hire company to use.

Many stately English villas were converted into guest houses and nowhere will you find exquisite architecture coupled with country designs than in this town. Or if you want to go ultra modern, then Hermanus will have it for you as well. Tuscan or glass and chrome, country cottage or cape dutch, it is all there.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is also prolific and will not disappoint you either. You can choose to stay on the beachfront or further into town where the restaurants, markets and shops are within walking distance from each other. Or if you fancy something more quieter, look for one facing the mountains. Here you will have a hearty South African breakfast every morning with the owner, and quickly you will feel comfortable and important as he shares his life stories with you.

The main thing to remember when coming to Hermanus is her hospitality. She is used to treating tourist all year round and knows how important service is to a traveler. So do consider your next destination to this side of the world and contact Guest houses Hermanus for your accommodation needs.

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