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The town of Hermanus is a beautiful seaside resort in the Western Cape area of South Africa. It’s about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, with direct air links to a number of world destinations and even more if you get a connecting flight in Johannesburg. Hermanus guesthouses come in all price ranges with different levels of comfort and 18

The most expensive guest houses are normally the ones offering sea views. This is in line with the normal trend world wide. You will also often find that the same guest house offers different prices for rooms at the front which have sea views and rooms at the back facing the mountain.

The further you go from the sea, prices will be lower. Whether you choose a guest house right on the beach or one further away is therefore largely a matter of taste and finances. Remember that Hermanus is not a large town, so even if you select a guest house some distance away from the sea, you will seldom be more than five minutes’ drive from the nearest beach.

As far as comfort levels go Hermanus guest houses run the full spectrum. There are small yet comfortable places that are often family run where you can get a good taste of how a South African family live.

There are also large, luxurious guest houses with their own private swimming pools and all the facilities in the rooms which you would normally expect in an upmarket hotel.

Most of these institutions offer breakfast as part of their services. A couple also offer other meals. The choice is yours: Hermanus has a large number of restaurants, especially in the area around the town square. Part of the fun of visiting the town is eating in one of the restaurants overlooking the bay. So even if you eat most meals at your guest house, make sure to leave some time to enjoy a delicious meal at one of these restaurants.

There is so much to see and to do in the area that you absolutely have to stay at least a couple of days. Hermanus is of course famous for whale watching, so if your visit could coincide with the yearly whale season toward the end of the winter, you are in for a great treat. All Hermanus guest houses will be able to assist you with finding the best spot to see these amazing mammals in action.

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