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The town of Hermanus is a beautiful seaside resort in the Western Cape area of South Africa. It’s about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, with direct air links to a number of world destinations and even more if you get a connecting flight in Johannesburg. Hermanus guesthouses come in all price ranges with different levels of comfort and 18

The most expensive guest houses are normally the ones offering sea views. This is in line with the normal trend world wide. You will also often find that the same guest house offers different prices for rooms at the front which have sea views and rooms at the back facing the mountain.

The further you go from the sea, prices will be lower. Whether you choose a guest house right on the beach or one further away is therefore largely a matter of taste and finances. Remember that Hermanus is not a large town, so even if you select a guest house some distance away from the sea, you will seldom be more than five minutes’ drive from the nearest beach.

As far as comfort levels go Hermanus guest houses run the full spectrum. There are small yet comfortable places that are often family run where you can get a good taste of how a South African family live.

There are also large, luxurious guest houses with their own private swimming pools and all the facilities in the rooms which you would normally expect in an upmarket hotel.

Most of these institutions offer breakfast as part of their services. A couple also offer other meals. The choice is yours: Hermanus has a large number of restaurants, especially in the area around the town square. Part of the fun of visiting the town is eating in one of the restaurants overlooking the bay. So even if you eat most meals at your guest house, make sure to leave some time to enjoy a delicious meal at one of these restaurants.

There is so much to see and to do in the area that you absolutely have to stay at least a couple of days. Hermanus is of course famous for whale watching, so if your visit could coincide with the yearly whale season toward the end of the winter, you are in for a great treat. All Hermanus guest houses will be able to assist you with finding the best spot to see these amazing mammals in action.


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Hermanus guest houses will make your vacation to South Africa most enjoyable. There are several homes available in this town sometimes referred to as the ‘Riviera of the South’. Most are located along the coast line overlooking miles of beaches and mountains covered with fynbos.

These homes are spacious, elegant and affordable. Some have private patios on the beach so you can watch the whales play while you relax with a glass of wine that was grown locally. You can walk to the beach within minutes from your rooms.

Many of these vacationer houses have panoramic views of the ocean from every room. Hermanus is the best land based spot for whale watching in the world. The Southern Right Whales migrate to this area every July for breeding and mating. Guests have reported that they could watch these magnificent creatures from within 12 kilometers of their paths.

The air in Hermanus is called the ‘Champagne Air’ with healing powers that have become famous around the world. Doctors have been known to prescribe to their patients to vacation in this area for the effects of this healing air. Breathe in this air while relaxing at the swimming pool on the 11

The rooms in these homes are gigantic and mansion like. Each one has huge glass windows overlooking the stunning tranquility and beauty of the ocean. All have the most modern conveniences and even some extra amenities like telescopes in each home and golf courses and tennis courts available to all guests. They all have security features and friendly staff ready to cater to your needs.

Experience unforgettable stays at one of many guest lodgings with their breathtaking views and peaceful settings. They are situated on the waterfront but close enough to central points of interest. Most are within a few hours of driving time to Cape Town, where you can visit nature reserves and reserve boating, fishing and diving excursions.

This is the place for any outdoor enthusiasts. If you enjoy an adrenalin rush then try hang gliding, shark cage diving or powerboat racing. This beautiful coastal town has something for everyone. There are plenty of wineries, quaint boutiques, museums, markets and galleries.

Vacationing in Hermanus is not the type of vacation you would expect to experience in South Africa. But staying in one of the Hermanus guest houses is going to well exceed your expectations for accommodations on your vacation to the beautiful shores of South Africa.


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Waking up for the first time in one of the Guest Houses Hermanus, is like waking up in heaven. So many tourists attest to this. The sea is tranquil and the sun is soft and gentle on your skin. The food gives you gastronomical delights no matter where you eat, and the whales are signing their songs in the distant. What better picture than this, to cherish for 17

If you are lucky enough to be there when the whales arrive to give birth to their calves, then you are in for a treat. They celebrate by breaching and frolicking in the water, much to an onlooker’s delight. Listen to the whale watcher blow his horn as he spots them close to shore and rush to make eye contact if you dare.

No matter what your needs are in the accommodation area, you will find it in Hermanus. She offers luxury five star guest house facilities where your every whim is looked after. Your body massages and special diets will be at your beck and call, while you sample some of the freshest fish cooked to perfection.

But maybe you don’t need such opulence and will settle for a normal guest house which offers style and comfort without compromising on service. These are also available in abundance and you will no doubt quickly feel at home. Hear the stories that made the town so famous, or get good tips on which beach to tan on or what car hire company to use.

Many stately English villas were converted into guest houses and nowhere will you find exquisite architecture coupled with country designs than in this town. Or if you want to go ultra modern, then Hermanus will have it for you as well. Tuscan or glass and chrome, country cottage or cape dutch, it is all there.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is also prolific and will not disappoint you either. You can choose to stay on the beachfront or further into town where the restaurants, markets and shops are within walking distance from each other. Or if you fancy something more quieter, look for one facing the mountains. Here you will have a hearty South African breakfast every morning with the owner, and quickly you will feel comfortable and important as he shares his life stories with you.

The main thing to remember when coming to Hermanus is her hospitality. She is used to treating tourist all year round and knows how important service is to a traveler. So do consider your next destination to this side of the world and contact Guest houses Hermanus for your accommodation needs.


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A small divergence from the city of Cape Town, South Africa, will take a visitor of the country to a much-loved town called, Hermanus. A beautiful, eclectic place heralds influences from Indonesia, France, Holland, Germany and Great Brittan, making it a cultural delight for travelers. Staying at any of the numerous Hermanus B&B accommodations will give a traveler the best service, a relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals to look forward 19

So many people visit the village yearly; it has been established as an extremely trendy location. Along the west coast of South Africa, there are a lot of fishing communities however; it can pride itself to be the best spot on the globe for whale watching. Attracting huge amounts of tourists, the Hermanus Whale Festival will snap up all of the surrounding accommodation, so making a claim for a B&B booking will call for an advance booking.

Hotels are nearby to both the beaches and mountainside. In addition to whale watching from the land, a hike to the mountain may show the way to a lovelier panorama. A lot of native birds may be spotted on the track in the mountains too. General activities like golf and cycling are provided for, as are yacht excursions and beach explorations.

Popular pastimes by the locals are the craft markets available in town for everyone to participate. Schools and church groups have regular stalls set up on their grounds including the very special Montessori school and St Peter’s church. All are within walking space from many of the B&B. The Fisherman’s Village Craft Market proffers wares all day long on the weekends in the centre of town. The Farmers market delights people with its organic fresh fruit and vegetables, and homegrown herbs.

All up, just fewer than sixty bed and breakfast residences are located in town and more than a few are offered on farms in the nearby vicinity. All present personal, safe and sound quarters at practical cost. Some have helpful traits like a grand setting in the midst of town living.

This town is not only interesting for its nature and tourist sights; it also hosts a Magnetic Observatory. In the world of science, this predominantly is connected to twelve regional warning centers around the globe that have the job of monitoring the earth’s magnetic field. Students interested in space physics research can study at the observatory through a university.

Hermanus B&B offers a luxurious holiday experience for any traveler wishing to escape to the ‘Cape’. For an exotic location, the variety of activities is awesome. Visitors will remember the helpful staff, wonderful townspeople and fun nightlife.


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